Monday - Thursday 7:00PM - Midnight

Friday - Saturday 7:00PM - about 2:00AM

CLOSED: Sunday, first day of consecutive holidays, New Year


Table charge ¥800 - Drinks from ¥600


〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku

Kabukicho, 1−1−8



The punk rock bar H.O.D. was born in 2003 in the area of Golden Gai in Shunjuku. Despite being one of the many rock bars of the city, it stands out for its location and for its music.

The music played in the bar is centered on the late 70s first punk bands and ranges from all the Sex Pistols follower bands to power pop, hardcore, ska, Oi!, post-punk, new wave... you name it. We also cover antecedent movements of punk like mod, pub rock and glam rock. We play punk music from all over the world, along with, of course, Japanese punk.

Although the music we play is a bit niche, H.O.D. sees a lot of different people gathering at its counter every night. Other than the punx, typical Golden Gai characters such as artist and journalists, record maniacs, students, performers, all the way to salarymen and OLs... without distinction for age or gender, this is a place where you can party while talking about your favorite music, films or whatever your passion is!
Golden Gai is a bar and entertainment area located in the neighbourhood of Kabukicho in the wild city of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Its six narrow streets count more than 200 even narrower bars that can normally host no more than 7-8 clients, and are run by eccentric personalities of all kinds.

Born as a black market at the end of World War II, it was turned into a bar area after the anti-prostitution law issued in 1958. Shortly after, it was given the name Golden Gai. Through all these years it has kept its characteristic atmosphere and buildings, despite many people trying to wipe it out.

Writers, journalists, musicians, movie directors and the like are often seen here, and more than one bar owner pride themselves in having hosted a celebrity.